My Alma Mater -- From Our Alumni

Holy Family Catholic has a legacy of excellent Catholic education that stretches back more than 100 years to 1905 when St. Joseph Grade School was formed. Old and new alumni alike point back to their years at Holy Famiyl/St. Joseph's as the place where their faith flourished and academic skills developed, more than preparing them for middle school, high school and beyond. Let's hear from them in their own words.

MaddieCroppedMaddie Miller

St. Joseph's offered me the opportunity to become an independent learner through careful guidance. Since the class sizes were smaller, I was able to work at my own pace, and my teachers could assess me, continuing to push me to be my best. Growing up in the community at St. Joseph's allowed me to explore and grow in my faith. The school and teachers provided opportunities for me to see how faith can guide me in everyday aspects of my life, whether that was praying before meals and snack times or taking time to reflect on how actions on the playground represented my faith. Starting in Kindergarten, I had the opportunity to contribute to the Mass. This has carried into my collegiate experience as I have been serving on the music ministry team. A Catholic education provides a support system rooted in Christ, where children are allowed to explore academic topics with God as their guide.



NathanCroppedNathan Tesmer

The small classroom size [at St. Joseph’s] helped foster a great connection between the teacher and the students. I remember all of my teachers very well, as each of them made an effort to get to know all their students and helped make sure none of us got left behind in any of the subjects being taught. My teachers taught me everything that I needed to know, including how to succeed in the more advanced classes I was placed into at the public school. One of the really great things about my time there was the sense of community from all the different families that went there. It’s not something that can happen if parents don’t make the effort to help out with school events and get to know each other, as well as the faculty. St. Joe’s has been a big part of my life, and I really treasure the time I went to school there.




One Special Teacher: Sister Ingrid appears here at a 100th anniversary celebration for Holy Family/St. Joseph School with her former student, Barbara Pache. Sister Ingrid was a favorite during her tenure, the perfect combination of "fun" and "firm."

BarbaraPacheCropped2Barbara Pache

Attending St. Joseph’s School definitely formed a conscience within me – something much missing in our society today! The seed was planted and has stayed with me to this day. Here are some of my favorite memories: lasting friendships – there is a special bond that was created, which still lasts with many of us today; singing in the church choir; assisting the nuns with various duties; and all grades joining together for recess. I valued the teaching of nuns, especially Sister Ingrid. She was wonderful – you can ask anyone who may have had her as a teacher. She demanded respect but had a humor to go along with it. I do feel a Catholic education is important. I would not trade my grade school days for anything!




 SharonBurbachSharon Burbach

Respect and reverence toward my religious educators [at St. Joseph’s] as well as the teachings of our faith from the nuns (who had made a life commitment to their faith) instilled a very deep understanding that being Catholic was a special privilege. Carrying faith, hope and charity from childhood to adulthood is what has influenced me as I aged. I believe this was the seed. The more we learn about our faith, the more we have hope. The more hope we have, the more we give of ourselves. I do believe that the knowledge of faith values, respect and family values need to be instilled at a young age and I hope that Holy Family can still impart that as well as academic growth. Sister Ingrid was my teacher that impacted me the most. It is my thought that her encouragement and authoritative but compassionate manner left a deep impact on me personally, which has lasted forever. My deepest thanks go to her and the impact she made on all the students she taught at St. Joseph’s Grade School!

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