Welcome from Mrs. Penny Hilgendorf, School Coordinator

From the desk of Miss Penny:

When I step out of my classroom, there is a stillnesss, a quietness, but not for long. Soon, the halls will be filled with movement, talking and laughter as the students of Holy Family Catholic School enter to begin their day. As I stand at the entrance, I hear the typical, "Good morning, Miss Penny!," "Hello, Miss Penny!," or "Do we have gym today, Miss Penny?" I might receive a quick wave or a warm morning hug. There is one thing I never receive from our students: silence. As I watch the kids walk down the hallway to their classrooms to begin their busy day, a day that will be filled with academic challenges and opportunities to share their faith, I cannot help but think how blessed I am that, twenty-some years ago, I heard a whisper from God and became a family member of St. Joseph Catholic School, now Holy Family Catholic School.

Catholic School Week 2019Holy Family offers a strong academic program where students are encouraged to think critically and develop strong problem-solving skills. They learn to work independently and cooperatively with their classmates. They are taught to look at things differently, outside-of-the-box. Most importantly, students become passionate about what they are learning and the importance of being lifelong learners.

Our faith is very important to us. Our students receive a great foundation, including daily prayer in the classrooms, individual grade level religion classes, and student participation in our school Masses. Our students are encouraged to share their faith with others and never be shy about who they are as Catholics.

Our students take an active role in our community with various service projects, from leading a donation drive for our local food pantry to sending care packages to those in the armed forces. It is very important that our students learn the value of helping and giving to others.

Our staff is committed to their students. They care about the students and will take the extra step to make sure they offer the best moral, physical and academic education possible. Teachers come early, stay late and give each student the individual attention he or she needs to succeed.

And so, Holy Family Catholic School offers students a strong academic program, the opportunity to rejoice in the Catholic faith, and the ability to make a difference in the lives of others.

However, there is one more very important aspect of the school that has not been mentioned: community. When I look around our school, it is not hard to miss that we are a family. There is no division between ages here: the young play with the older; the older will stop to help the young. Everyone looks out for each other. We have our ups and downs as in any family, but, what makes us strong is our ability to work together.

It is the end of the day, and the hallway has gotten still and quiet once again. I turn to go into my classroom when I feel a tight little squeeze around my waist. It is one of my students. I ask if she forgot something, and she replies, "Yes, I forgot to give you my good-bye hug. See you tomorrow, Miss Penny." She skips off, takes her dad's hand, and proceeds to tell him about her day. It's magical moments like these that keep me coming back to Holy Family Catholic School year after year.

Holy Family would like to extend a warm welcome to all! If you would like to come for a visit or take a tour of our school, please call me or Mrs. Jacobsen in the school office at (920) 478-3221. We will gladly arrange for a time for you to visit.


Mrs. Penny Hilgendorf a.k.a. "Miss Penny"

School Coordinator, Teacher - Grades 1 & 2

Main Office

205 Milwaukee Ave.
Waterloo, WI 53594
Parish: (920) 478-2032
Fax: (920) 478-2032

Holy Family Parish

Waterloo Campus
387 S. Monroe St.
Waterloo, WI 53594
Parish: (920) 478-2032

Marshall Campus
120 S. Beebe St.
Marshall, WI 53559
Parish: (920) 478-2032

Holy Family School

387 S. Monroe St.
Waterloo, WI 53594
School: (920) 478-3221

Mass Times

Monday - 6:30 pm St. Joseph, Waterloo

Tuesday - 6:30pm St. Mary of the Nativity, Marshall

Wednesday* and Friday* - 8:15 am - St. Joseph, Waterloo

Thursday and Saturday** - 8:15 am - St. Mary of the Nativity, Marshall

*Holy Family School Mass
Wednesdays and Fridays
September to May.

** Novus Ordo Ad Orientem

Saturday - 4:00 pm - St. Joseph - Waterloo

Sunday - 9:00 am - St. Mary - Marshall

Spanish Mass:
11:00 am St. Mary - Marshall